Booking Conditions
Booking Conditions

Correctness when making a reservation:

Reservations are made in advance with a specific date and time set. In case of cancellation or change of person count please inform us in advance. Reservations are kept for 15 minutes. We at Ahora believe that adherence to good etiquette should respect accuracy.

Personal conditions:

Our main goal is to please our guests.

We understand you have individual preferences and we highly respect it. On the other hand we also have our own capacity and we hope you will tollerate it,  so if you have:

– Intolerance to certain foods or groups of such

– Special diet under any health reasons 

– Vegan preferences 

– Religious dietary restrictions

You must make an inquiry no later than 5 days prior to your reservation and we will  discuss the possibilities so that you can fully indulge your time as our guest.

Individual requirements

We love to be different and at the same time to satisfy the most diverse and individual wishes! Of course any exceptions from the “standard” are special and so will be our attitude ! That is why we believe you understand exclusiveness takes additional time and effort and will be extra charged according to the extent of your gastronomic desires.


Exceptions for individual requirements:

Sometimes, despite our great desire to fulfil your exclusive wishes, circumstances will not allow it, so we reserve the right to fail to answer your specific inquiries depending on various factors (such as workload, product availability, etc.).

Event celebrations in Ahora:

We love to be part of your celebrations on all occasions and at any time of the year! Of course, perfect planning takes time, so please keep in mind that requests for special occasions are accepted no later than 10 calendar days before the scheduled date. The earlier the better!

Black Box menu

This is a menu based on our vision on the dish that we believe will suit you best. Please keep in mind that the concept of the menu is to surprise you completely, without the slightest idea of ​​even one of the products to be used. After all, the real surprise is the one you suspect nothing about!

*Here we leave a big note:
Desires such as the type of protein or ingredients you want to be present is not part of the concept of this particular menu! If there are certain products to which you have an intolerance – they must be mentioned as a note on your reservation and confirmed in advance (5 days.) We reserve the right to charge extra – special wishes.


We approach individually because individuality is exclusive, and we believe that everyone deserves it! Please note that we do not have a prepared menu with offers, which is why we accept inquiries and requests no later than 15 calendar days before the scheduled date. The earlier the better!


We are Dog Friendly, but of course within acceptable limits, so your furry friends are welcomed as our guests, but only on the terrace.


We respect the non-smoking rule, including e-cigarettes, but you can always enjoy your cigarette on the terrace.


We don’t have a separate children’s playground, but that doesn’t stop us from loving the children and their visit to Ahora! However, we kindly ask all parents to keep in mind that the responsibility for the children lies within their hands.

Do you need a reservation to visit us:

Certainly you are always welcome, but pre-booking gives you confidence that you will have a table at your and your company’s disposal upon arrival! We advise you to book in advance – it will definitely be upsetting for us to have to turn you away.

Take away food:

The sole purpose of “serving” food and the related specifics like thermal processing, warm-cold fusions, mixing crunchy textures with sauces will not allow our A-La-Carte menu dishes to get to your home the way they are intended to.  Be our guest and have an epiphany moment with us!